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While getting vaccinated is a choice for all Americans, everyone faces their own set of potential issues if they choose not to get inoculated. The NFL is no different.

Brady is a remarkable 7-3 in 10 Super Bowl appearances, but those two losses to the Giants still haunt him more than a decade later. That's no surprise, as the 43-year-old recently admitted he'd trade in two of his Super Bowl rings for a perfect season in 2007.

With the Jaguars reportedly planning to sign quarterback outfielder tight end Tim Tebow, there’s a chance not everyone in the locker room will roll out the red carpet for a guy whose job opportunity seems to be more about hype and revenue than Xs and Os.NFL Tennessee Titans Team Face Coverings

Chris Berman will continue to host NFL PrimeTime after agreeing to a new contract with ESPN.NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Face Coverings

The New York Giants really wanted DeVonta Smith and are apparently “livid” at the Eagles for jumping them in the NFL Draft to grab him.NHL Team Logo Face Coverings Shop

Aaron Rodgers' future with the Green Bay Packers probably will be a bigger factor in the Bears' 2021 NFC North title hopes than back-to-back road games.NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Face Coverings

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“It’s no different than how you would want to bring around your ‘mike’ linebacker or offensive lineman – there’s a process which we’ll go through,” Saleh said. “There’s Football 101 coaching, there’s Football 301 coaching and there’s Football 501 coaching. The development of all these rookies are really the same with regards to trying to reach them from a 101 level and trying to get them to their grad degree of the 501 level.”

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